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Social Media Audit

If you’re not seeing an ROI from your social media activities, or just know that your social media needs a refreshing cold bucket of water over the face, you may need a social media audit!

I’ve been in social media for just over 4 years, and now run a globally distributed social media team for the world’s largest international university group.
I oversee everything from day-to-day content creation and community management, all the way up to a £1.4m/year paid advertising budget, analytics, ROI assessments, competitor research, event PR coverage, content marketing and training.

So in short, I know my stuff!

Here’s what I’ll do as part of my social media audit:

1. Get to grips with your business

  • Learn about your services/products, target audience.
  • Understand your business/marketing/sales goals, long-term plans, current social media strategy.
  • Review the tools and platforms you’re using right now.

2. Jump into the data

  • Export your last 3 months of posts and dig down into the performance and their impact on your goals, on all major channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Extract the key metrics you should actually be measuring, and see how your content has performed so far.
  • Review your paid advertising activities, give pointers on targeting, creatives and bidding optimisation.
  • Look at your competitors, and provide a short overview of what they’re doing well, and whether you’re beating them or losing to them.

3. Step back and look at the big picture

  • Review your blog (if relevant), suggest topics/direction and show you how to re-purpose them for social media.
  • Review your content creation/scheduling process, then suggest tools and improvements.
  • Introduce you to the wonders of content curation to increase your posting frequency.
  • Review your community management/customer service activities, including comments/messages and ways to streamline workload (e.g. chatbots and quick replies).
  • Review your account security, because no-one likes getting hacked.
  • Give you pointers on influencer marketing, if it’s relevant to your industry. I’ll give you an easy-to-implement strategy, plus a free influencer marketing contract!
  • Suggest any relevant new channels you should be using, depending on your target audience, geography etc.

3. Send you the results with a pretty bow on top

Once I’ve finished the social media audit, I’ll compile all of the key data and recommendations into a PDF report so attractive you’ll want to buy it a drink.

The social media audit report will contain:

  • An initial list of easy changes/tweaks you can make right now for quick wins.
  • A breakdown of your activities and performance by channel, with fixes and suggestions for improvements.
  • A list of free or cheap tools/resources that will help you supercharge your social.

Additionally, we can have a 30 minute call where I walk you through the results and explain anything that isn’t 110% clear.

How much is a social media audit?

Nice and simple: £199 GBP / $260 USD

You’ll get all of the above, delivered in 10-14 working days.

Let’s talk

If my social media audit sounds like something you need, get in touch below so I can learn more about your business and your goals, and see if I’ll be able to help!

(I’m also very picky about who I work with)